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Hi everyone, welcome to my blog where I share my passion for photography and travel. As, I mentioned in my previous blogs that one day photoshoot in Patna is a gateway to artistic expression, cultural impression, and a celebration of life. Similarly, today, I want to talk about one of my recent experiences: a one day photoshoot in Delhi NCR. Delhi NCR is a vibrant and diverse region that offers many amazing locations for a photoshoot. Whether you are looking for historical monuments, natural landscapes, or urban settings, you can find them all here. In this blog post, I will share with you some of the best places for a one day photoshoot in Delhi NCR, along with who you should approach for one day photoshoot in Delhi NCR.

One of the first things you need to consider when planning a one day photoshoot in Delhi NCR is the budget. Depending on the location, you may have to pay an entry fee, a parking fee, or a photography fee. Some places may also require prior permission or booking. To avoid any hassle or extra cost, it is advisable to do some research beforehand and choose the locations that suit your budget and preferences. You can also look for some online deals or packages that offer discounts on one day photoshoots in Delhi NCR.

Another thing you need to consider is the timing. Delhi NCR is known for its extreme weather conditions, so you need to plan your photoshoot according to the season and the time of the day. The best time to shoot is usually early morning or late afternoon, when the light is soft and flattering. Avoid shooting in the midday sun, as it can cause harsh shadows and glare. Also, avoid shooting during peak hours, as the traffic and crowds can ruin your shots.

Now that you have some basic tips on how to plan a best one day photoshoot in Delhi NCR, let me share with you some of my favorite locations that I visited recently.

1. Agrasen Ki Baoli: This is a historical stepwell that dates back to the 14th century. It is located in the heart of Delhi, near Connaught Place. The unique architecture of Agrasen Ki Baoli makes it a stunning backdrop for a photoshoot. The contrast between the ancient stone steps and the modern buildings around creates a striking effect. You can also play with different angles and perspectives to capture the depth and symmetry of the structure.

2. Hauz Khas Fort: This is another historical monument that is located in South Delhi, near Hauz Khas Village. The fort was built by Alauddin Khilji in the 13th century and overlooks a beautiful lake. The fort has many ruins and arches that add a rustic charm to your photos. You can also explore the nearby deer park and lake for some natural shots.

3. The Roseate: This is a luxury hotel that is located on NH8, near Indira Gandhi International Airport. The hotel has a stunning design and landscape that makes it one of the most picturesque hotels in Delhi NCR. The hotel has many features that are perfect for a photoshoot, such as stone pillars, water bodies, manicured lawns, and purple cars. Yes, you read that right, purple cars! The hotel has a fleet of purple BMWs that you can use as props for your photos.

4. Jahanpanah Forest: This is a dense forest that is located in South Delhi, near GK II. The forest is a hidden gem that offers a serene and green environment for a photoshoot. You can find many trails and paths that lead you to different spots in the forest. You can also spot some wildlife and birds here, if you are lucky.
These are some of the places that I visited for my one day photoshoot in Delhi NCR and last but not least who to get this one day photoshoot service in Delhi NCR is no one but Venue 360 reason being they are an online venue and booking portal that has been proving wedding related services in patna and their one day photoshoot price is affordable and genuine at the same time. But one has to consider the services of Venue 360 since they don't compromise and their moto is to create relations with its clients. So, I hope you enjoyed reading about them and got some inspiration for your own photoshoot and don't forget to check the services under one roof of If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Also, don't forget to check out my website for more photoshoot stories from my travels.
Thank you for reading and see you soon!

Last Updated: 29 May 2023